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Forestry Meeting

9th May 2020: Today's forest Report. (from Lovemore) We went to Nkhatabay today and Kavuzi is the area. We were welcomed by four chiefs including the sub TA (in the red hats). 9 farmers clubs have been formed, each with a chairperson, and phone numbers have been collected. The chiefs

Forestry Meeting

7th May 2010: From Lovemore Today we met chiefs and farmers of Choma in the area of GVH VUKU SINGINI. We founded people were already seated and we were warmly welcomed. For them forestry is a new thing we talked the importance of planting trees with our message

This is November 2018

31st October 2018: It is hard to believe that this can be happening in our Rich, Globalised World, well into the 21st Century. That a Tiny, Irish, Voluntary organisation is the only one to help, despite millions of all world currencies being handed to Malawi, all-day, everyday. It

Preschools in Embangweni

20th August 2018: Yesterday Alfred and Benjamin drove the 180km to an area called Embangweni to install 22 more pumps. They brought Miriam and Margaret with them to introduce preschool training for Caregivers and Communities. They have 50 CBO's (Community Based Organisations) each with a rudimentary preschool but

Another area for Tree Planting: #1millionTrees

15th July 2018: This message came from Br Happy Patrick, a Jesuit Brother working with Mzuzu Diocese:     The Mzuzu Diocese is about a quarter the size of Ireland and has over 1000 churches and the same number of schools with about 700,000 parishioners. When we get the process

Progress Report: One Million

24th June 2018: The picture shows Musilo Moyowithu CBO, (close to the polluting CITY waste disposal) where they have started transplanting pine seedlings.   Prominence sent me this report:

#1MillionTrees Continues

21st June 2018: This is the frightening vista of land without trees. This area is Kasungu about 270 Km from base in Mzuzu. We were invited here by Paul (on the left) to work with his Youth Group and we have already installed numerous pumps in the past

Communities driving their own development

It now seems like a lifetime ago since we took a crazy decision to try and do something about the state of clean water for the poorest, in Malawi, in 2005. We thought that maybe 50 pumps would relieve our shame at the attempts of the

Ready for the roof

26th December 2017: This is Peter our builder taking down some shuttering to enable him to be ready for roofing as soon as possible. The two ground floor rooms are classrooms, while the upper floor is mainly for use as a respite for any of our girls

Christmas Letter 2017

We are now in our 13th year in Malawi and still making a little contribution, thanks to the support we get from caring people everywhere.  Every year has shown a few new dots joined, even though our spend stays about the same per year, but

New Classrooms and Girls Hostel

8th December 2017: The Picture is 2 new classrooms with a Girls Hostel above. In 2015, after ten years in Malawi, we made a big decision to somehow enable girls to take up their places in Government Secondary Schools.  So, we wrote to Schools within a 30

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