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Defining us

Some of what defines us

We are a voluntary organisation

We deliver 100% of all public donations to our projects

We work on the basis of Inspiration, Education and Challenge, without handouts

We believe in poor people and recognize their ability to do the seemingly impossible with a little help

We respect the dignity, tradition and culture of all people

Our approach is to support communities, with their plans

We believe that water and sanitation, are the key to all development and that problems must be solved locally

We search out partners who share our vision

We promise nothing we can’t achieve

We believe we owe it to the communities we serve, our volunteers, staff, and donors to act with integrity and manage our resources effectively and efficiently, at all times

All we do is with passion and heart

We are constantly reviewing and adapting our approach to make sure that our work is sustainable, innovative, relevant and environmentally friendly

We believe that a combination of hope and inspiration is unstoppable

We promote sustainable agriculture without using artificial fertilizer or chemical pesticides

We are fully committed to sharing our pumps and expertise with all collaborators who share our commitment to achieving the MDG’s for our WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme

Even though we work mainly with women’s groups, our reach is universal

We are committed to full transparency, so all our visitors, volunteers, and placements have access to all our projects at all times

We do not permit people – except students – to fundraise in the name of WfZ to fund their volunteering in Malawi