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Another area for Tree Planting: #1millionTrees

15th July 2018:

This message came from Br Happy Patrick, a Jesuit Brother working with Mzuzu Diocese:


Dear John and Mary

I hope you are fine.

Just an update.

We had a beautiful training conducted by Wells for Zoë.

Laston was excellent.

The participants were very grateful with your way of training.

The parish priest is happy that at least his people will be having trees in his respective zones.

In all I was happy to be part of the team.

Those who are interested I will go with your team to train them further and bring seeds.

Convey my regards to Mary.

God bless,
Happy Patrick Mzumara


The Mzuzu Diocese is about a quarter the size of Ireland and has over 1000 churches and the same number of schools with about 700,000 parishioners.

When we get the process started it will be a great to build up our numbers planted on an annual basis. Getting started this year is our main focus.

Of course we are on target to plant 1 million trees this year


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