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Soil Erosion control

One of our big projects is in the Enyezini area. The area suffers from erosion through deforestation in the last 50 years.

Christmas image 2018 – Brenda and Hannah at Lusangazi farm

Christmas letter 2018

What’s another year? Christmas 2018 This year we had a few big anniversaries: on 17th August we were married 50 years and on 18th August we were 55 years together. Just now we are beginning our 14th year in Malawi. 14 years on, we have brought Clean, Safe,

Education is the Key

20th July 2018: A day or two in the life of an amazing woman About ten years ago we met this young woman working on womens issues in a village. What was noticeable about her was her confidence and how her views were valued and accepted for

Climate Smart Agriculture

18th March 2018: The picture shows a maize crop on the worst soil imaginable. Local Maize seed, No inorganic fertilizer and no noxious chemical. Doesn't look much but there is magic happening here. Climate change is an issue for all of us, whether we are believers in Global

Christmas Letter 2017

We are now in our 13th year in Malawi and still making a little contribution, thanks to the support we get from caring people everywhere.  Every year has shown a few new dots joined, even though our spend stays about the same per year, but

New Classrooms and Girls Hostel

8th December 2017: The Picture is 2 new classrooms with a Girls Hostel above. In 2015, after ten years in Malawi, we made a big decision to somehow enable girls to take up their places in Government Secondary Schools.  So, we wrote to Schools within a 30

Girl Child horticulture education

A way out of Slavery for Women and Girls

Women and girls carrying disease ridden water, long distances all day every day on their heads, is modern day slavery. The Zoë pump is causing a quiet revolution against this horrific waste of time and talent which is certainly contributing to the economic disaster, that

Another Little Preschool

Another Little Preschool

30th March 2014: The area is under the tribal Chief Jessia Moyo. I don't know the village name. We are now heading for 40 such little centers of learning, maybe 37 0r 38 just now. There must be whole community involvement before we get involved. Training is for everyone

A sorryful sight

A sorryful sight

24th March 2014: I'm sure this well was installed by some very well meaning people, probably of Christian origin, who sang, prayed and rejoiced with this community as a new pump was installed here. I figure this was installed in about 2000 or so, and maybe lasted

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