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This is November 2018

31st October 2018:

It is hard to believe that this can be happening in our Rich, Globalised World, well into the 21st Century.

That a Tiny, Irish, Voluntary organisation is the only one to help, despite millions of all world currencies being handed to Malawi, all-day, everyday.

It is a Worldwide scandal!


Alfred wrote:


This is in Nkhatabay South East. It is about 80 km from the Factory.

The area is near the Lake Malawi and more people draw water from the lake where they are risking their lives with ‘crocks’.

Each and every year there has been outbreak of cholera that many people lose their lives. For this reason, the Bishop who lives in Mzuzu heard about Wells for Zoë and immediately came to our office in Luwinga to get our assistance. Then I discussed with him and with short notice I made a plan to visit these areas and we did.

We visited several villages to see where they get water; it was pathetic to see.

After visiting these places we had a meeting where chiefs and people gathered for question and answers.

At the end people were very happy to hear that pumps will be installed in the area free of charge, therefore they have promised to dig more wells to help eliminate the cholera problem.

The only problem in the area is that the area is too sandy. So if they start digging wells the sand will fill the whole making it difficult to dig deep wells. We have to find a solution to this.

We promised to dig as many wells as possible.

The following are some of the Chiefs who attended the meeting:

V.H. Kamphumphu
Chisindi 1
Chakwanika 2
Chisindi 2
GVH Kankhungwi

GPS for the area:
S: 11° 43’ 43’’
E: 34° 17’ 57’’


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