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Introduction to a new area

23rd February 2018:

A report from Miriam, Head of Preschools



Senior GVH Mkumbira, Kamwadi CBO members, Mbanase CBO,  Parents, caregivers, youths, and Wells for Zoë team leaders in Forestry, Water and Preschools.

Mbanase CBO started in 1995 with the main aim to assist the people with HIV and assist orphans by paying their school fees and to buying them school uniform and to help elderly people also they have a preschool. They came to us to ask for assistance for all our activities we are doing.

WATER (Alfred)
Explained to the group what  is needed if people need to have clean water from WfZ, since many members who were present  don’t have access to clean water. They are very willing to dig the wells, mainly women who are finding problems to find water.

Explained what WfZ is doing in terms of preschool mainly which is workshop to help caregivers to have a clue when teaching children…They have preschool but they have never attended any training from the Government, or anyone else. And also I encourage them to plant trees around each preschool, so that children should know the importance of planting trees, and fruit trees in particular

List of possible preschools at Nkhatabay:

1. Kamwadi  2. Mbanase  3. Chandilo  4. Mbanase.  5. Mkumbira

AGRO FORESTRY (Prominence)
Prominence explained more on how WfZ encourage and assist people to be planting trees as many women still walk long distances to fetch firewood due to problem of deforestation around their area. Many people were very happy with this program of planting firewood trees more especially women and they need to be trained on how to plant and give them some seeds to plant. In addition to that, people were very much interested with this use of Tephrosia in agricultural production as nitrogen fixation and as a pestcide. Very many asked for seeds  and to come to WfZ  to learn more on how to use  Tephrosia.

The day was a huge success and everyone went home happy with many ideas and and firewood tree seeds.
Next is for them to organise and plan their partnership with WfZ.

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