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Far from everywhere

10th May 2020 People were extremely happy to see us installing the pump in the village. It is the first time the village has had good and safe water. Before they just dug small ponds where they have been drawing water for cooking and drinking. The

Forestry Meeting

9th May 2020: Today's forest Report. (from Lovemore) We went to Nkhatabay today and Kavuzi is the area. We were welcomed by four chiefs including the sub TA (in the red hats). 9 farmers clubs have been formed, each with a chairperson, and phone numbers have been collected. The chiefs

Clean Water thanks to James & Maura McMahon

8th May 2020 We are trying to keep the numbers attending small. The surrounding well cleared and well is good. People were happy to see the pump installed in the village for the first time. People in the village depend on farming to earn money. There

Forestry Meeting

7th May 2010: From Lovemore Today we met chiefs and farmers of Choma in the area of GVH VUKU SINGINI. We founded people were already seated and we were warmly welcomed. For them forestry is a new thing we talked the importance of planting trees with our message

More Clean Water

6th MAY 2020: The installation was exciting for the people; photos were taken for parts and after installation. The place was good and the well was also in good condition. They were walking long distance to an old borehole before and elder people were unable to

Fr John Hasset donated

5th MAY 2020: The installation went well and women and men came in a large number to witness the occasion. People in the village have been drawing water from a small pond which was very dirty and was not safe for human consumption. Water borne diseases

Very happy people

4th MAY 2020: Pictures were taken before and after the installation. More people escorted us to the well for installation. I tried to stop them coming in big number due to COVID-19 Pandemic but all in vain. People were over excited because no one thinks that

90th Birthday Gift

22nd April 2020: The installation was good and people gathered in their numbers to witness the installation. They dug a small pond where they were drawing water for cooking and drinking. People in this village were very happy to have clean water in the village. People in

Local Maize

23rd April 2020: As Malawi heads into battle with Covid-19 with the most minimal of defences, we in Ireland have no concept of the war that wages this time each year there, against the most deadly of killers which is that of  Hunger. As we sit and

Clean water for the first time

24th April 2020: The installation went well and most villages came to grace the installation. They were extremely happy to have good and clean water for the first time in the village. The villagers also depend on fishing, less of them go for farming. Water borne diseases

Mel Bendon

A Message at Christmas from Mel

At the end of a busy and transformative year, I have much to be grateful for personally. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you, and a Very Happy Christmas and New Year, Mel

caring for seedlings at Lusangazi Farm

News from an Ethiopian Airlines flight to Malawi

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