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Progress Report: One Million

24th June 2018:

The picture shows Musilo Moyowithu CBO, (close to the polluting CITY waste disposal) where they have started transplanting pine seedlings.


Prominence sent me this report:

Hie Boss,

The following are the places and number of seeds distributed and  already sown

Bishop: 4000 pine seeds and already transplanted

Musiro at Moyowithu CBO: 20,000  given and already sowed 12,000 and now they are transplanting, they chose to sow in phases

Kazando Rukutu club: 30,000

Lusangazi in Guwayi VH: 20,000 already sowed  but remaining with 30 000 to  give them to reach their target of 50,000

Chigwere Pius Longer: 15,000

Mphompha, Adamson’s father Golden, already distributed:  450,000, with 500,000 more to be planted

Kasungu: Laston has distributed 100,000 Acacia seed, and awaiting community meetings to progress

Mother General house Marymount Mzuzu (Catholic): 12,000

Village forestry project: 40,000

Mzumara sustainable farm: 10,000

At our farm in Lusangazi: sowed 60,000 in case if some  will not germinate we will be able to maintain our target of 50,000 pine seeds at farm

At factory we will sow: 60,000 seeds just like at the farm


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