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Mary and Miriam visit Msiki pre-school

This is Mary and Miriam after delivering a training session at Mskiki preschool. It was a hugely successful day. Below is the report I received from Miriam about the day: PHASE 2 WORKSHOP REPORT FROM: Miriam DATE: 22rd  November, 2017 VENUE: Msiki PEOPLE PRESENT: The representative of GVH Andrea Moyo,

The End?

15th November 2017: Maybe the saddest Day? This is Adamson head of the farm in Lusangazi and he is looking at a dreaded beacon. Since the President announced in June last that his new airport would take much of our Sustainable/Conservation Organic farm, our fruit tree production and

A new Building

6th October 2017: When people are up and running for a while and they find some land, make and build the bricks and put the timber on the roof, we pay for the iron sheets. Then they are on the on their way to development. The building will

A long journey to explain ourselves?

28th September 2017: from Harisen and Christopher The picture shows from right: Christopher, Harisen and  Vitumbiku Today we left at 5.30am and drove the 250km North to Karonga  to attend District Council meeting invited by Lusubiro Community Based Organisation. The purpose of the visit was to introduce ourselves to

Meeting District Development officials in Kasungu

18th September 2017: from Alfred: In the picture starting from left Mrs Zimba (S.M.E for Kasungu, Paul Shawa (Director Youth Malawi Act), Alfred Banda (Head of pumps and Lucy Chindipha (Deputy Director Youth Act Malawi. During our pump visit in Kasungu the first thing was to go to

You can depend on Malawian women

29th August, 2017:   VENUE Tivwirane CBO at Chamalaza   PEOPLE PRESENT Tivwirane women’s group, preschool children and Wells for Zoë team: Miriam, Prominence and Catherine. The caregivers of Tivwirane came to our office to request about the workshop because their school started 2008 but they have never attended any training from

New Project in Karonga, 250 Km North

21st August 2017 The pics show Miriam with a new pump user. Then Rose at the welcome and four of the five ambassadors: Laston on Forestry, Miriam on Preschools, Alfred on pumps and the BOSS Rose. Harisen took the picture.   REQUEST FOR PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR ORGANISATION Following our

Carrots, Cabbage and Beans

4th Aug 2017: Summer School meets the Farm for Girl child project Two years ago, I put the first part of this piece together in Addis Airport, during a four hour stop-over on my return journey from Malawi. I had gone on my own for the first time

Stoves for Zoë

3rd August 2017: Some time ago I designed a little zero cost (almost) wood burning stove for cooking. It is built from local bricks, available in every village free. It is built with soil from ant hills (also free!). And it is built by hand or hands; no

Forestry and Firewood

26th July 2017: From Prominence and Lusungu Venue: Andrea Moyo village Attendance: G.V.H Andrea Moyo, V.H Mukowera, the community, Wells for Zoë team (Laston, Lusungu, Prominence and Benjamin) Activities: Teaching the community on how to make nursary beds for pine seeds How to sow it on the nursery bed

Planning meeting for a new Forestry Project

3rd July 2017: This is my 40th visit to Malawi with Mary trailing a little at 38. Now the trip is a little easier as we fly from Dublin to Addis and then overland to Lilongwe. When 3 planes arrive together and most arriving passengers have to

Preschool Education

23rd June 2017: If primary schooling does not begin until you are six, it's too late and you have no hope. A little extreme, but a lot of truth! Florence, Benedicto, Miriam, Harisen and Blessings Ngwira (Social welfare officer) had a meeting at Lusangazi.   from Miriam Social welfare has