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Communities driving their own development

It now seems like a lifetime ago since we took a crazy decision to try and do something about the state of clean water for the poorest, in Malawi, in 2005.

We thought that maybe 50 pumps would relieve our shame at the attempts of the developed world, but ‘sadly’ no.

If I told someone we would eventually be manufacturing and installing over 40 pumps each month, they would have me locked away, and I would be in full agreement.

By the grace of God and our generous and trusting donors, the Technicolor madness drives on.

Imagine how I felt when Alfred, Head of our Pump Department sent me this last month:


8th February 2018:

Alfred, Head of the Pump division, writes:


Hi Boss,

Yesterday, the 8th of February 2018, we had a good day despite the rains which fell almost the whole day but we managed to install 5 pumps.

After installing the pumps going where we reside, I was called to go to the development chairman for the area. I was amazed to see many people who were in the house. The people gathered include 10 Group village headmen, 21 village headmen, someone from social welfare, some religious heads 22 people representing different Community Based Groups and many more people.

When I asked why they called me to the gathering they wanted to show that WfZ is warmly welcomed in the area. They didn’t expect that one day an organisation can go there to assist many challenges they have in the area.

Boss I have gone different areas installing pumps but this area is very special, to see the way how they have welcomed our projects in the area, they are showing great interest in everything. They have promised next time we are coming to bring them more forest trees, more grafted fruit trees which they are going to buy.

Their big request now is that they want us to have a launch of our programmes (Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Preschool Training, The Girl Child Project, Fruit Tree Education and Forestry planting) in the area and they want to show us that they warmly welcome us in the area and how happy they are. They want if possible MBC (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation) people should be there to see for themselves and air the whole launch and people in the area should express their views and expression. They feel they were rejected and now they have found the good Samaritan.

Some of activities to be done on the day will be: reciting poems, ingoma dance, speeches and many more. The other interesting thing is that they have already set some committees in each and every village. During the launch also Senior chief will be in attendance.

They also ask for fruit trees in each and every Community Based Groups.

I am sure that this will be the best launch ever. We will begin out planning now.




When we are invited to new areas now concerning pumps, we bring the full team, not to be smart, but to show people what they might aspire to and the response continues to inspire us. The women and women’s groups’ respond with intelligence and determination that belies their level of poverty and neglect.

All we bring are dreams, possibilities and hope. They work the magic!

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