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Preschool workshop success

Workshop for Preschool Caregivers

Supporting one another, caregivers from 7 preschools came together for a day workshop run by Miriam, to make resources to teach the little ones the alphabet and their numbers, making words, and learning maths.

Testing the bridge

A bridge for Kafulufulu

The construction of the footbridge represents a significant improvement in the community's quality of life, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovative solutions in addressing local challenges.

A Special Employee

28th July 2017: This is Joyce or Joycee as she is called on the farm, where she is one of our longest serving employees. We gave her a little house and a job when we heard that she had no place to live with her son Boyd.

Visit to Masinja village, Mwase in Kasungu

16th May 2017 Harisen writes: This was organized by the Youth Act Malawi, a youth organization which has had a big impact on a huge part of Kasungu in areas of youth awareness on HIV, Sending the girl back to school, encouraging youth to take part in

school in Chitipa

Not trying to Save the World

from a Lucan Newsletter article of 30th Nov 2014 We are just back from six weeks in our home away from home, which Malawi has become after nine years. The temperature drop and culture shock is still scary with all the talk of Christmas, shopping, parties,

A sorryful sight

A sorryful sight

24th March 2014: I'm sure this well was installed by some very well meaning people, probably of Christian origin, who sang, prayed and rejoiced with this community as a new pump was installed here. I figure this was installed in about 2000 or so, and maybe lasted

God's own people

God’s own people

11th October 2012: There must be something special about people who are dealt such a poor hand. These are a group of our very special friends who are making the best of every minute. They are just winners, and particularly so as a group. They are

The long road

The long road

26th September 2012: This morning before 8, Harisen headed off with myself and a villager from Mzimba district into, for what was for me the great unknown. I was under the illusion that we were slipping up the road about 40km to see a new area

Wedding Gift

Wedding gift for Mary McCaffrey on her wedding day

16th August 2012: William and Steven installed this pump in Doroba as a present to Mary on her wedding day tomorrow. This is in recognition of the amazing work she did while volunteering in Malawi and her continued support for the cause. She is certainly a

Village Conference Centre

Village Conference Centre

7th May 2012: This was probably the most serious village conference I've been at so far. It took place in the Chief's village of Ukani and was attended by the nine village headmen in the area. I have never seen so many old women together before and

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