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#1MillionTrees Continues

21st June 2018:

This is the frightening vista of land without trees.
This area is Kasungu about 270 Km from base in Mzuzu.

We were invited here by Paul (on the left) to work with his Youth Group and we have already installed numerous pumps in the past year, and Alfred (second from right) and his team are installing 20 more this week, so Laston (second from left) went with them to see how we can help the women mainly who are walking very long distances to collect firewood.

Deforestation and the tobacco industry has left the area in ruin.

So we will do our best (with your help)


Laston writes:

Hi Boss,

I went to Kasungu, according to plan, to the program.

Paul welcomed me ,and we went to senior chief Njombwa where we discussed about the free land, He agreed to give us a free land about 20 hectares of it .But to say the fact people are willing, but the problem is communication, the person we use is too busy ,he is working under a certain organisation, so is failing to organised the program  because he is always busy, but  the youth group themselves are well organised, but they  just need some to guide them.

The chief said that he will try his best to use his whole people in his community, if we can manage  to go again and train them.

Here in Kasungu indeed people are in need of tree planting, only that they are failing to find advice, and they have no place to get it.

This is what I saw at chief Njombwa.

From there, we travelled as far as T/A Mwase in the north west of Kasungu where Alfred was putting in pumps. People were very happy with the project of tree planting. They would like to plant 100,000 of acacia’s trees in this season.

I thank Alfred because he try he best to communicate with these people because of the language difference.

From there Paul took me to north of Kasungu, where I met a program manager for the youth in Plan International, where they need to plant 430,000 trees, different types, but they don’t know how.

The only solution, I see, is to bring them together in each T/A and train them.
But we need to wait for the plan let’s wait for the plan from them and for what they say
Then when they are ready and call us we will return and begin the process.

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