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Forestry Meeting

7th May 2010:

From Lovemore

Today we met chiefs and farmers of Choma in the area of GVH VUKU SINGINI.
We founded people were already seated and we were warmly welcomed. For them forestry is a new thing we talked the importance of planting trees with our message “There is money in trees”.
The group instantly welcomed this project as there are very few trees in their area and chose a leader of their club.
They named their club as CHIVUNDU, and their leader is Agrippa Chavula and a vice leader is a woman Hilda Gondwe.
Their phone contacts have been taken and we went further to see and record their land with GPS where trees will be grown and where seeds will be sown. There land is 20 hectares, suitable for growing about 70,000 trees
For now the group has got 19 members. 9 women and 10 men.
They are a very positive group and very happy that we came.

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