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Ready for the roof

26th December 2017:

This is Peter our builder taking down some shuttering to enable him to be ready for roofing as soon as possible.
The two ground floor rooms are classrooms, while the upper floor is mainly for use as a respite for any of our girls (from the Girl Child project) who find themselves in difficulty.

Many of our girls from rural areas come to live with a variety of relatives and others closer to schools.  Sometimes it works well, but sometimes not, where these little ones are exposed to abuse of many kinds.  With the counselling service we get more insight and realise that removing them from their environment and finding new accommodation is the only route, so we are building a space over two new classrooms to provide a little short-term haven while we find a new solution.

This space can also be used for people who come for:

Preschool workshops

Training in pump maintenance



OR maybe a “Build it and they will come” scenario… always thinking of a few new dots to join.

If you can help us, then we can all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Every Single Euro will be greatly appreciated, make a real difference as 100% will get to the Girl Child Project in Malawi.

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