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Pay it Forward

The origins of this from John Coyne (Dec 2016)…


My Christmas gift to you is one which will change the lives of one family forever.


Three days ago (early Dec 2016) a past student sent me €250 so I could Pay it Forward as I wished – read the full story below.


So I am sending the Pay it Forward gift to you, one of 50 of our Dearest Dedicated Wellies asking you to pass on this unique gift of life instead of doing the usual Christmas card ‘dance’. Of course it will cost a fiver but you’ll save on a card and postage and will feel all fuzzy inside after you’ve done it!!


It may open up a whole new world of possibilities with the person you pass the gift to. When they Pay it Forward and more people are in credit with the Universe, life will be better for us all.



Fill in the form to Pay it Forward


  • complete the form below and click submit
  • you will be taken to the check-out page and from there to our PayPal site to pay the €5 you are paying forward
  • your message will be sent to the person you chose to Pay it Forward to
  • you will receive an e-mail with all the details
  • if you want to Pay it Forward to more than one person go here instead


    e.g. if more than one purchased for one person; in multiples of €5 for each PiF with min of €5

    Upload an image if you'd like to send them one (max 3MB)

    How/why this Pay it Forward campaign started

    John Coyne – Wells for Zoë


    In a previous life I was a teacher in Secondary School. Recently I got a mail from a student I taught over 30 years ago where he added €250 thanking me for investing (my time) in him and asking that I Pay it Forward as I had done for him all those years ago. I believe that so much good is done in the world by small generous, advance investments. I am now using this €250 gift to Pay it Forward to you and 49 others (who have minded us and supported us through 11 years in Malawi) wishing that you can also Pay it Forward at every possible opportunity in your life.


    My latest 4am thought is a Pay it Forward ‘Card’ that you can buy and pass the thought along (we have since converted that into an e-mail!).


    Pay it Forward is not a loan to be repaid but a gift freely given from the kindness of the human heart. There is no expectation of repayment but maybe a tiny wish that somehow, some way you will be able to pass it on as another act of kindness, somewhere along your way.


    For a cost of €5 it will pay for clean water for life for a family in Malawi; one of the poorest places imaginable. It now comes as a gift from me to you but maybe you would consider saying ‘Hi’ to someone who has helped to make your life better and ask them to do another little Pay it Forward. Of course it will cost you a fiver but it WILL change the lives of a family in Malawi forever. You will have made a another real difference.


    You may want to say “Happy Christmas”, “thanks” or “sorry”, or “I think you’re cute”, or “Happy Birthday”, or even “I love you” to someone you haven’t seen for years; like a teacher or other who kicked your arse, straightened you out, told you ‘that of course you could do it’ or just was kind and fair, or maybe to those who were not so nice, to tell them you forgive them and be rid of it.


    At Wells for Zoë we believe that Pay it Forward is a great model for living one’s life. We all need to have a little credit with the Universe.


    How will you know that your donation will fund a real well and not just get thrown into a random pool somewhere?


    Wells for Zoë are committed to full transparency so the first well to be funded will be PF1 and will be ready by 12th Dec 2016.


    When we have 50 donors we install PF2…and so on.


    Check here for the pump photos, details and GPS co-ords.