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Planting a million trees

20th June 2018 They call it Mphompha Forest tree planting Programme under Wells for Zoë. On the right distributing seeds and potting tubes in a unique man Golden Mlowoka Chirwa, who is the father of Adamson, apple tree expert and leader on our farms in Lusangazi. This is

Buying Maize

18th June 2018: This is the start of the Maize selling season, so Florence is out trying to buy 60 sacks of maize for the Girl Child Project. The early sacks cost 4500 each but I think today's price may be 6,500. The feeling is that maize may

Mother and Daughter

17th June 2018: She arrived one morning more or less left on our doorstep, lost but determined. Cecelia had no address to go to and no money. She had no phone and an incorrect phone number. Rose our leader in Malawi decided to take her in and became

All 42 Girls finish Secondary School

16th June 2018: Last week the head of our Girl Child Project Florence asked me what I thought of having a celebration for 42 of our girls who were now departing to do their final Secondary School exam. She advised that she would not spend a lot

New Blackboard

16th May 2018: Most Blackboards in Malawi are like this; plastered and painted black (with blackboard paint). This is Peter Zulu and he is very skilled in this area. He does most of our building work. There'll be more happy people on Saturday. What are interactive whiteboards anyway!!!!!

Ruth working at farm

13th May 2018: The last time we were leaving Malawi we stopped on our journey on the main road beside the farm. I was meeting Adamson, the leader on the farm. Then suddenly, into the conversation like a bolt of lightening, burst Ruth pleading for a job. She

Hard at work

10th May 2018: This used to be called Mary's office, but next time she may need a new location, as Donna and Florence look quite settled here even two days after we departed. Donna is checking the "mileage" on the vehicle logs before sending me requisitions for

The Farewell Party

7th May 2018: The farewell party with drinks, buns and clothes from Ireland has become a standard affair in Wells for Zoë. These are the people who run our farm, do the propagation and training of others, in budding, grafting and Climate Smart agriculture. We have a set-up


9th March 2018: It is our intention that ALL our staff learn to type and learn about the basics on Word, Excel and emailing. Here are Prominence and Fatima updating the pump installation database. Regularly when people come looking for jobs we offer them a chance to learn

Enabling people to empower themselves

22nd February 2018: This is Head of the Girl Child project Florence, holding a new net for Volleyball and a ball. Here follows three recent reports from her.       The report from Saturday Feb 10, 2018 followed:       Today I get this amazing update, showing, how our organisation is run by


17th February 2018: They said it couldn't be done: The experts, that is, told us that apples don't grow in Mzuzu, where our farm is located in Malawi So I went to our long time friends at Irish Seed Savers in Scariff, Co Clare. They gave me

Florence (Head of our Girl Child Project) Reports

18th January 2018: This is Florence in the office with some uniforms for the girls. The following is a report on some of what she manages:     She now has 258 girls to look after and you will agree that she does an amazing job.