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13th October 2018:

Every now and then the opportunity arises to join up a few more dots as we call it. No strategic plans, just simple innovations.

This opportunity arises as we welcome back Boyd who lived with his mother Joyce, an employee on the farm, and we supported him in The Natural Resources College NRC, where he has now graduated in Horticulture.

He is now at our Centre for Learning teaching our girls how to grow food in a Climate Smart environment.

Our new idea is to set up a post Secondary School diploma course in Horticulture and Enterprise. The enterprise part will begin on a modular basis and maybe someone will support us.

We have 42 girls awaiting results from their final exam in Secondary School. Few will continue to Third Level so we need to give them a little more.

We will plant at least #1millionTrees this year and there is real money to be made on trees and forestry as there is and will be an enormous market after the decimation of the forests.

Of course there will be vegetables, flowers, herbs, shrubs and Fruit trees, where all can potentially become small businesses.

The strawberries come from the farm, so we want the girls to see and taste something they have never seen or tasted before.

This is the dawn of a new beginning for some of our girls into what has become our hugely successful Girl Child Student project.

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