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Mother and Daughter

17th June 2018:

She arrived one morning more or less left on our doorstep, lost but determined.

Cecelia had no address to go to and no money. She had no phone and an incorrect phone number.

Rose our leader in Malawi decided to take her in and became and is her mother.

She had qualified for nursing, but with no money she had no college fees.

We gave her a job and she excelled.

We found her an amazing donor.

She is now in her third year as a student nurse and is amazing.

Maybe her face tells that story.

Her real story is challenging for all of us, but she has overcome all obstacles as if they just weren’t there.

If anyone would like to write it, it’s a story worth telling – we can give you the back story.

Here she is with Mary Coyne (co-founder) of Wells for Zoë

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