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Jan 2018 Management Meeting

2nd January 2018: Back to work after the Christmas break, this is our first Management Meeting. Even though Rose is the mother of all matters, each of our team leaders is in charge or the boss of their own domain. They have a short planning meeting once a

Part of the team

20th December 2017: Today Rose decided that all teams should come together for a little party, so they did. They had a little food and soft drinks and danced a little.  The builders and Forestry teams appear to be missing, but maybe they were just too

All in a days work

4th December 2017: Each day now our teams go in different directions, assisting each other to get as much work in as possible. Here in the picture Miriam (Preschools) and Prominence (Forestry) wait to head off on a joint venture with the pump guys delivering cement and

On track to have 500 pumps installed this year

Here we have Chrissie working the chop saw.  She's holding the fort for the boys and making sure the show is still on the road. We are on track to  having 500 pumps installed by the end of 2017, bringing clean and safe drinking water

From cook to pump-maker

Pictured is Chrissie - it's often hard to get her to look at the camera as she always has her head down working on something! She came to us one day looking for work. She didn't just come and ask though, she came with a great

A special birthday

This is one of the Wells For Zoë girls, pictured with three of our current volunteers - Sandy, Áine and Kevin. Like all of the Wells For Zoë girls, she is very special to us and her story is the perfect example of both the resilience

Mary’s words of wisdom

When myself and Mary first met, I was the quieter one. Mary was always amazing at her job. A wonderful teacher and there wasn't much you'd get past her! Her teaching  career has undoubtedly been a huge asset to Wells For Zoë as she tries to

Our 41st visit to Malawi

Mary and I made our 41st visit to Malawi today. As usual, Harrisen met us with a smiling face and we made the 4 hour journey from the airport in the capital city,  Lilongwe, to Mzuzu. When we got to the factory, we got everyone together,

NGO Board of Northern Malawi

13th October 2017: All NGO's in the Northern Region of Malawi were invited to attend the official opening of the their new service centre, for the NGO Board, in Mzuzu, to cover the Northern Region. The occasion was graced by the Honourable Minister of Gender, Children, Disability

Class at Enyezini school outside

Enyezini school, Mzuzu

We had arrived. An hour off the beaten track from Mzuzu, and down a dusty and orange scorched road, the red brick classrooms of the Enyezini community school came into sight. The classrooms were well over capacity with boys and girls of equal potential, but with

This is Alfred, head of our Pump division

10th October 2017: This is Alfred Banda, head of our Pump division, in charge of manufacture and installation, which means not alone does he make the pumps, but also installs them. Here he is making precision threads on the lathe. This double jobbing enables him to observe

Report: Agroforestry, Preschool, Pumps

4th October 2017: The picture shows small beginnings of a remote rural preschool. It will make an enormous difference. 3 to 6 year olds will go to preschool and almost all will transfer to primary school. From: Prominence, Miriam and Christopher Venue: Lusangazi at V.H Lamson Jere People present: