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Police Victim Support Unit

12 August 2018:

In recent times, Florence, head of our Girl Child Project has worked with the victim support unit on one case of adduction of two girls and in another where a girl had a forced early marriage.
Both cased were successfully dealt with and the girls are back with their families.

As a result Florence has built up a strong link with the unit, who say Wells for Zoë are the only organisation who follow up on every issue concerning their girls.

Thanks Florence!

They also said thanks so much to Wells for Zoë for organising to have the Victim support unit to visit us. But though it was first time to see them, have learned a lot and they have promised a close relationship from now on.

They are so thankful and appreciate what Wells for Zoë is doing in terms of assisting 262 girls with School fees and all different needs; they did not know that we are doing such a big job to develop Education in Malawi and in other areas but from now on have assured us that they will keep in constant contact.

The woman who spoke, explained her background story as an example to our girls which was so sad but she tried to concentrate on School and the idea of working extra hard to achieve her goal, which she did and she is now the Boss of the Unit, having a good husband and 1 child.

I love the way our teachers and those Malawians who come to visit and speak, tell their story of overcoming adversity in such a clear and positive way.

From Florence:



She is a first born in her family and her father was a Lecturer and very rich and couple was separated when she was 8 months old, but after she grow up her mother got married to another man and her father married a second wife so she was staying with her very old Gogo (granny). Very soon after school, her gogo died and she was taken by her Aunt who has a big family (extended family) including her own 7 children so feeding and caring was very tough.

After that she decided to go to her father for a help but the father refused her and chased her to go back from where she come from. Again she went to her mother where she found a step father who also refused her and the mother shout at her and send back to her aunt but she was very stranded.

By then there was a well wisher man who took 3 girls from her aunt including herself and that was the time she had a chance to continue her education. According to her vision she wanted to go to University but she didn’t have fees therefore she had a chance to fill the form to be as a police woman.

Now she has been promoted to be a head coordinator of the victim support unit which she really enjoys, and she has a happy family.

They ask us together with our girls to form a YOUTH CLUB which will also assists children to learn more from others for their daily lives as well as in activities.

They also ask us to have one day trip to Victim support unit office with our girls to have some lessons and learn more about their rights to education.

Thanks so much for this wonderful job. I am so happy to be able to assist our girls.


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