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All 42 Girls finish Secondary School

16th June 2018:

Last week the head of our Girl Child Project Florence asked me what I thought of having a celebration for 42 of our girls who were now departing to do their final Secondary School exam.
She advised that she would not spend a lot of money and I was delighted with the idea and gave the thumbs up.

You can see the simple certificates, the simple hats, the few balloons, but to these girls who have nothing, sometimes not even underwear, it is so special. For once someone making a fuss just for them.

If you ask me what have we achieved in the four years:

  • All 42 have avoided marriage and pregnancy
  • They are all be more confident and stronger
  • They will be appreciated and valued by their communities, having broken through the barrier and finishes Secondary school
  • They will be respected by all
  • Hopefully they will have all learned to grow their own food, and if not, will know where to come to learn more


Florence wrote:

Hi Boss,

Here is a report for Centre for learning as we are in the last days of 2017-2018 academic year.

We had 262 girls and we have paid 257 girls because 5 girls have been paid by well wishers – 1 girl paid by Government, another one paid by Church and Society while 3 girls from Enyezin are paid by CAMFED organisation.

Among 260 girls 42 girls were the form 4 but on 16th last Saturday we had 119 Students in total attending classes and 20 Students were the form 4 out of 42 girls, 17 girls from 5 Schools were busy preparing seating plan while 1 School was doing a farewell that was Ekwendeni School and 1 girl from Choma was sick while 4 of them are coming from Enyezini. Wells for Zoe now remains with 215 girls but we expect the number will be increasing in September for those who will be selected and having a place to start form one in Secondary Schools or CDSS but the number will be limited because of some problems we might have on funding, which would be really sad. The cost of fees is going higher while the Students are coming each and every day seeking fees.


Out of 42 girls [form 4] 38 were attending classes at Centre for Learning
We organised a short and simple farewell to all our form fours just to congratulate them for working so hard and attending Saturday classes since 2015 so as they are going to sit their final MSC Exams that’s why we thought  that it’s important to make a farewell and wishing them all the best as they are leaving Wells for Zoe now and start thinking and planning how to depend on themselves. They all enjoyed so much and they are all so thankful because they know that without the support of WfZ most would never have attended secondary school.


According to everybody who invited in this party including guest of honour they wish them all and advise them how to avoid bad things and follow good things while Beata our counsellor/teacher directed them as they are going out from Wells for Zoe because some of them they might face some challenges for being alone which will not be the end of their future but make sure to think before they decide to do anything and have a good life and future always. She told them to remember that we are always here too advise and assist them in any way we can


Teachers, Students and all workers depends on our Leaders they are so thankful to CEO with all your team for making a farewell for girls which shows that you really thinks about  girls future with a full heart  and we will miss them as they are going out from the hands of Well for Zoe. You also shows that  you will not forget them all in your mind.

Thanks so much,

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