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Training in Preschools

18th July 2018:

After years assisting rural communities to set up and run pre-schools, the Ministry have finally come around to our way of thinking and invited Miriam and Margaret to do our training course for carers and management committees in eight schools, in Bala about 40km from our Centre, set up by village women over the years who have never got training even though they have been begging for all those years.
We did give some assistance but were not permitted to do any “training”

So now the ministry have even given some funding to the people and a very successful five days have been completed, which is wonderful news and a great recognition for what we are doing and the skills of our two ladies (who could do this job anywhere in the world they are sheer magic).

This group had 60 participants for the five days.

Looks like their next adventure will be in a place called Embangweni, about 180Km away, where 50 women’s groups have set up schools, again with no training. They are begging us for help and hopefully we will get to them soon. It is a big undertaking but maybe a donor will appear to help us.

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