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Office Work

17th October 2018:

From left are Angelina and Margaret who work in the gardens on Horticulture, and on the right is Magret, who manages our preschool projects, being taught by Prominence who manages Forestry and planting 1 million trees (#1millionTrees)

Our way is that every employee should learn how to do everything, and that everyone should work on becoming computer literate.

Here they are learning to put the exam results for our 269 secondary school students onto a database.

Of course they had to learn English, learn to switch on the computers, learn to type and, and, and… Of course all this will be safe in the Cloud.

What a transformation for women who have little formal education except for Prominence who qualified as a Primary Teacher.

These are amazing women and we love them. They are an example to us all.

Oh! did I also mention they are all learning Horticulture and when they get a chance work in the Pump Factory!

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