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Meeting District Development officials in Kasungu

18th September 2017:

from Alfred:

In the picture starting from left Mrs Zimba (S.M.E for Kasungu, Paul Shawa (Director Youth Malawi Act), Alfred Banda (Head of pumps and Lucy Chindipha (Deputy Director Youth Act Malawi.

During our pump visit in Kasungu the first thing was to go to the District Commissioner’s office to meet the Director for planning in Kasungu. Unfortunately the man responsible was sick so we were directed to meet the SME who looks after all development in the District. She warmly welcomed us  and praised what we are doing and encouraged us to install as many pumps as we can because water is a major problem in Kasungu. She promised to invite us to DEC meeting (No need for any payment of expenses for members) in the next month so that everyone should know the good work of W4Z is doing.

Note: D.E.C meetings are done each month.

Paul and Funny (Youth Act Malawi) the ones who invited us to help people with our pumps in Kasungu. We will work with them hand in hand  because one of their jobs is to teach people about water and sanitation.

They also teach people about Climate change,  stop girls from early marriages and encourage people, with our support to do Agroforestry and grow trees for firewood as there are so few trees in the area.

They have already met Miriam about preschools and Harisen about irrigation pumps.

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