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You can depend on Malawian women

29th August, 2017:



Tivwirane CBO at Chamalaza



Tivwirane women’s group, preschool children and Wells for Zoë team: Miriam, Prominence and Catherine.
The caregivers of Tivwirane came to our office to request about the workshop because their school started 2008 but they have never attended any training from the Government. The work sometimes was difficult to them because they didn’t know what to be doing with children, until they attended the workshop at the factory.
At the factory they learnt many things that Wells for Zoë is doing, so the decided to invite us to talk to the whole group of women, this is what we did today.
We talked about forestry, irrigation pump, water pump and see how the caregivers are doing with the children.



The women’s group is really interested with all the activities we are doing at Wells for Zoë. They have planned to discuss with the GVH and HV, then they will come back to us.

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