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Stoves for Zoë

3rd August 2017:

Some time ago I designed a little zero cost (almost) wood burning stove for cooking.
It is built from local bricks, available in every village free. It is built with soil from ant hills (also free!).
And it is built by hand or hands; no tools required.


The common fire for cooking is built under three bricks and most of the heat generated escapes with just a passing touch on the pot. In this system the flame is enclosed and passes by the pot in a narrow “chimney” which collects more of the heat energy and also holds the pot in place.
Horrific accidents occur when the pot slides off some stoves and scalds all around.
Here our girls from Summer School try their Hand or hands.

The benefit will be: carrying and using less firewood for miles and miles.
It may have a minuscule effect on Global Warming, but why should that responsibly be put on the poorest.

Having done our rudimentary testing (but based on sound physics) we estimate there will be a 60% saving on firewood but when we do it well there will be more.

And I think these ladies are having fun messing around in the mud and why not!

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