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Forestry and Firewood

26th July 2017:

From Prominence and Lusungu

Venue: Andrea Moyo village

Attendance: G.V.H Andrea Moyo, V.H Mukowera, the community, Wells for Zoë team (Laston, Lusungu, Prominence and Benjamin)


  • Teaching the community on how to make nursary beds for pine seeds
  • How to sow it on the nursery bed
  • How to make a shelter for the nursery bed and cover it
  • Lastly how to water the nursery and protect seedlings from pest and diseases using Tephrosia



The GVH Andrea Moyo, VH Mukwewra and the Community were very interested and curious about all that we were teaching them.

The GVH and VH said they are really interested in agroforestry and they asked us about blue-gum seeds too. So we gave them blue-gum seed and we will go back in early September to teach them on how to sow them.

The most interesting thing is that, they showed us the Mtangatanga nursery which have just started germinating. This gave us a picture that they are indeed interested in agroforestry to assist women on firewood so they should not be walking long distances.

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