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A long journey to explain ourselves?

28th September 2017:

from Harisen and Christopher

The picture shows from right: Christopher, Harisen and  Vitumbiku

Today we left at 5.30am and drove the 250km North to Karonga  to attend District Council meeting invited by Lusubiro Community Based Organisation.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce ourselves to the District Council and other NGO’s working in Karonga. The Council organises meetings every month where all NGO’s and Government Institutions attend to report and discuss development issues in the district.

The meeting was attended by more than 30 participants from different organisations. A representative from Lusuwiro spoke about their intention to install more wells in the area as they are failing to meet the demand for water. Therefore they sat down and make a proposal  be partner  with Wells for Zoë so that we can reach out to many villagers in Karonga who are facing the water challenge.

As Wells for Zoë we were asked to tell the gathering what we do and how we will work in these areas. Harisen spoke about Wells for Zoë that we involve the villagers in digging the wells and they also provide sand, stones and bricks, he also told them the districts where we work  like Rumphi,  Mzimba and Kasungu in these areas all community members are trained to be doing maintenance because the pump itself is easy to maintain even women can fix it, but if the pump is broken down that villagers can not fix we maintain it ourselves.

After  they understood what we do people started asking questions, we answered them and then the Lusubiro also help us answering some of the questions. At the end they all supported and welcomed us to put  wells  in Karonga, and also the guys from water department were also happy that we work in the area as the shortage of water is high, but they asked us to give them more details about our pump.

At the end of the meeting we also had a meeting with the Lusubiro guys to make an arrangement that the Lusubiro should meet the District Coordinating team in Karonga which looks at water and the areas to install pumps, so they are looking forward to us to give them more details about our pump as they will be meeting the coordinating team soon.

The trip was very successful and many people were interested.

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