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A new Building

6th October 2017:

When people are up and running for a while and they find some land, make and build the bricks and put the timber on the roof, we pay for the iron sheets.

Then they are on the on their way to development.

The building will then be used for Health Clinics, Community meetings, Adult education; all done by joining a few dots by our guys.

Of course we are the helpers, the assistants.
It is THEIR school, their work, their dreams.
We don’t build schools, why would we.
But we do encourage, give some workshops, and join with them in their struggle. AND we don’t go away.
There will be pumps, irrigation pumps, seeds for nitrogen fixing plants, help with agriculture, firewood tree growing, forestry, girls education, and advice at the end of the telephone.

We might dare to call it REAL DEVELOPMENT, but we call it a helping hand.

Sorry about the rant.

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