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Lusangazi farm pine tree seedlings

1 million Trees

1 Million trees. In 365 days. That is the goal of the organisation Wells for Zoë. There could be many reasons for doing so. Global warming. Changing the micro-climate. Reducing erosion. All are good reasons. But the main reason is pension funds. A tree that has been growing...



Often times we see smoke far away from bushfires. Farmers burn down grasslands to avoid the hard work cutting down the grass before they plant something new. I have to research more about the consequences of that on the soil quality but it seems wrong....

Shoprite Car Park Mzuzu

A chaotic summary of thoughts

...unlike the parking lot at Shoprite Mall, Mzuzu! Yup. Malawi. Not what I expected but what I believe should be told as well... Before I came here I had this "image" in my mind... Houses with straw roofs and no access to water and no cars...

WfZ trees at Bishop's

First Monday

After relaxing the whole weekend, we experienced a Monday full of new sensations. Our plan was to shoot some aerial photos from all lands where Wells for Zoë is active and report everything we do during our stay in Malawi. First we visited the land of...

Kevin & Cristina taking photos of the new Girl Child Students

Pictures of New Girl Child Students for Florence

Florence asked us to take pictures of the new school girls, so, after Saturday's classes, Sella Chimaliro (student who has completed the Form 4 and now interns with WfZ) helped us assemble all of them together to speed up the process so they had more...

Cristina & Kevin arrive in Malawi

Cristina & Kevin arrive in Malawi

We arrived in Mzuzu on a Friday night coming from Tanzania. Harisen picked us up with a friendly smile full of energy and you can not imagine how nice that welcoming was at darkness after 18 hours of bus travel. An exhausting journey with music...