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Lusangazi farm pine tree seedlings

1 million Trees

1 Million trees. In 365 days. That is the goal of the organisation Wells for Zoë.

There could be many reasons for doing so.

Global warming. Changing the micro-climate. Reducing erosion. All are good reasons. But the main reason is pension funds.

A tree that has been growing for 5 years can be sold for roughly €4-5 as firewood or wood for construction. An average salary of a worker in Malawi is max €1.50 per DAY. And most food prices are surprisingly similar to prices in Europe…!

That means that if enough people plant trees they can earn money by “waiting” – at least after the initial hard work… and they need the money!

Wells for Zoë is educating locals who educate other locals how to collect seeds, make seedlings of a big variety of trees and how to nurse the trees. Without white €50,000 UN-Jeeps…

It might seem like a very simple concept… plant trees to have money when you are older. And it is. But it will work and I have seen 16 tree nurseries in one day. In one area. Each had a few thousand seedlings. This is real and it is literally growing!

Support is needed and highly appreciated. 1 million tubes to grow the seedlings is about €2500. Imagine how this will change the landscape and the individual happiness of so many many people

And we are waiting for a new order of 1 million more tubes…

#1millionTrees continues…

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