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WfZ trees at Bishop's

First Monday – Bishop’s

After relaxing the whole weekend, we experienced a Monday full of new sensations. Our plan was to shoot some aerial photos from all lands where Wells for Zoë is active and report everything we do during our stay in Malawi.

First we visited the land of “the Bishop”; it is a wonderful piece of land that they were given to use at the end of 2017 by the local Bishop John Ryan. For almost 13 years now, John and Mary have had a great relationship with the Mzuzu Diocese as they stay next door to the Bishop’s house in the St John of God Monastery. The diocese has about 700,000 people, 1000 outreach churches and over 1000 schools. When the president announced that he was going to acquire WfZ lands in Lusangazi for an Airport, the Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese, John Ryan, came to assistance immediately and offered them a place. It is in the centre of Mzuzu City where they would love to be involved in its development into some type of Botanic Garden/Park or wildlife sanctuary of about 180 acres with exotic trees, plants and animals. We could also see a new dam which could provide water for irrigating the seedlings particularly in the dry season (from May – end November).

There are planted about 2.5 hectares of Pine to replace the cut down, mature ones that were there for years.


Bishop's with drone



Upon arrival we took a closer look at the small trees. Amazed to see the drone flying, Rose said “you can’t do nothing, the drone can see you everywhere”. The funniest was when she wanted to take a closer picture and Kevin accelerated towards her, she jumped backwards and looked directly at Kevin, no words were needed, we all laughed!


Bishop's land from drone


Nice bird’s view from the area! There are planted about 5,000 threes like sown Eucalyptus and a mix of other native trees with a range of fruit tree seedlings produced on the farm incl. Mango, Citrus, Apples, Peaches…

Furthermore there is a training programme inviting people from all over the Diocese to come and learn. This is part of the new project FORESTRY that started at the beginnings of 2018.

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