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Cristina & Kevin arrive in Malawi

Cristina & Kevin arrive in Malawi

We arrived in Mzuzu on a Friday night coming from Tanzania. Harisen picked us up with a friendly smile full of energy and you can not imagine how nice that welcoming was at darkness after 18 hours of bus travel. An exhausting journey with music blasting us at maximum volume, various smells, lots of bags of at least 30 kg distributed in the corridor, mattresses, 10 stainless-steel-kitchen-sinks and almost twice as many people as available seats.

It did not take anything more than crossing the Tanzanian border to realise that in Malawi everything would be different. People didn’t follow us and try to sell things for the triple price. They are very honest and always have a smile to share. The streets are still full of people but remarkably cleaner. It is hard to believe that we are in one of the poorest countries. At first it just looks like another way of life. I have seen people with a smartphones sitting around a tree on a hill because the connection is best, and then someone is walking back home carrying a big bucket full of water for basic necessities. The contrasts are massive.

The Malawians are dealing with problems such as high-child mortality rate, lower life expectancy and dying from diseases they might not even don’t know. We are glad that there are organisations like Wells for Zoë helping and making things easier in this world of few possibilities.

Thank you SO MUCH for welcoming us!

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