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Kevin with laptop & projector

A Christmas message from Malawi

Christmas time. Like every year the workers celebrated the last day before Christmas holidays with a feast at the main office with food and soft drinks.

Magret, Cristina & Ellen on their way to visit a preschool

My need to know what Everyone does!

A good thing about being here is that everyday there is something new. When I came here I wasn't sure about how I could help. I imagined helping in the farm or with the preschools everyday. Once here from the first day we started meeting

Street Market

Failed visit to Kapilimhoto Preschool

Going to the preschool we stopped at this market to buy some vegetables for the workers, who cook every midday and eat together as their homes are far away. The people from the picture also have to walk long distances to sell their produce in

Luwinga Secondary School – WfZ girls: 40

Secondary School Luwinga

The girls from Luwinga Secondary School were listening with attention to an excerpt of “The Three Little Pigs”. It is a book I loved when I was a child, that talked about effort and how to be successful in life. Guess what they thought about the

Florence catching up with WfZ girls coordinator Mr. Nkosa, in Lupaso

Secondary School Lupaso

The image above shows Florence catching up with WfZ girls coordinator Mr. Nkosa, in Lupaso. My day of “firsts”. For the first time I drive in Malawi and on the left side. Furthermore I visited the girls in secondary school for the first time. I woke

Kevin & Cristina taking photos of the new Girl Child Students

Pictures of New Girl Child Students for Florence

Florence asked us to take pictures of the new school girls, so, after Saturday's classes, Sella Chimaliro (student who has completed the Form 4 and now interns with WfZ) helped us assemble all of them together to speed up the process so they had more

Visit to Mini preschool, Choma group outside

Visit to Mini preschool in Choma with Magret

Today I had the chance to visit the preschool Mini in Choma with Magret (head of Preschool) and Ellen (intern in WfZ). Dyton drove us to the place. On the way we stopped to pick up Mr. Kaunda, who works as a social welfare worker

Aerial Lusangazi closer

First Monday – Lusangazi Farm

At first Wells for Zoë was just involved in pumps and water for life, but as time went by new projects began. For example, they discovered that they couldn’t buy open pollinated seeds in Mzuzu or even in the Capital Lilongwe, so they started developing

WfZ trees at Bishop's

First Monday – Bishop’s

After relaxing the whole weekend, we experienced a Monday full of new sensations. Our plan was to shoot some aerial photos from all lands where Wells for Zoë is active and report everything we do during our stay in Malawi. First we visited the land of

Cristina & Kevin arrive in Malawi

Cristina & Kevin arrive in Malawi

We arrived in Mzuzu on a Friday night coming from Tanzania. Harisen picked us up with a friendly smile full of energy and you can not imagine how nice that welcoming was at darkness after 18 hours of bus travel. An exhausting journey with music

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