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Visit to Mini preschool, Choma group outside

Visit to Mini preschool in Choma with Magret

Today I had the chance to visit the preschool Mini in Choma with Magret (head of Preschool) and Ellen (intern in WfZ). Dyton drove us to the place. On the way we stopped to pick up Mr. Kaunda, who works as a social welfare worker for the area, and joins us for the second time that WfZ visits Mini.

Once there, the kids were singing a song in english that names the bodyparts: “This is my nose, those are my legs, this is my neck… ”. They are sooooo cute, because they know the song really well but they mix ears with eyes (hehe) – I had heard that song before in Tanzania, and they had the same funny mistake.


Visit to Mini preschool, Choma with Magret


I liked that Margaret started the workshop being close to the kids, giving kisses with the hand and “give me five” to some. Then, once she had the attention of almost all of them – there are always some shy children who watch from behind the door – she started with some exercises of movement and direction “forwards, side ways…”.

All was really quick, we changed the exercise every 5-10 minutes, I felt like “I want more” but then I thought – there are other preschools that are meant to be visited, and other matters that have to be discussed today before we go back to the factory/office.


Visit to Mini preschool, Choma with Magret & gogo


On the wall are posters with the different exercising tasks that function as a timetable that Margaret brought with her to show the teachers how to organise the activities during the school-time.


Visit to Mini preschool, Choma group outside


Finally it was time to play outside together, running behind a ball, laughing a lot and learning the colors playing with ballons. We had a lot of fun… but also a lot of the children cried when the balloon popped and vanished… so beware what gifts you bring 🙂

Of course the day didn’t end here; the mothers, teacher and people from the village met us to talk about the necessities. They neither have enough spoons nor cups. The most important thing of the discussion was the roofing material: It is made of plastic bags and palm tree leafs, and also they only have one well for the whole village. More work for the other WfZ departments!


Visit to Mini preschool, Choma kids outside

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