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Luwinga Secondary School – WfZ girls: 40

Secondary School Luwinga

The girls from Luwinga Secondary School were listening with attention to an excerpt of “The Three Little Pigs”. It is a book I loved when I was a child, that talked about effort and how to be successful in life.

Guess what they thought about the story 😉

There were three little pigs, who left their mummy and daddy’s house to get their own one. They talked about what to do, but each decided for himself. The laziest little pig said I am going to build a straw hut. It will only take a day – he said. Not quite so lazy, the second little pig went in search of planks of seasoned wood. But the third little pig decided to build a brick house. It takes time, patience and hard work to build a house that is strong enough to withstand wind, rain, and snow, and most of all, protect us from the wolf! – He said.

The days went by, and the wisest little pig’s house took shape. From time to time, his brothers visited him, saying with a chuckle…

– Why are you working so hard? Why don’t you come and play?
+ I shall finish my house first! – he said.

It was the wisest little pig that found the tracks of a wolf in the neighbourhood. The little pigs rushed home in alarm. Along came the wolf, scowling fiercely at the laziest pig’s straw hut.

– Come out, I want to speak to you!
+ I’d rather stay where I am!
– I’ll make you come out!

Then he blew with all his might, right onto the house. And the straw house fell down in the great blast. The little pig ran to his brother’s wooden house. The two brothers wept in fear and did their best to hold the door fast against the blows. Then the furious wolf braced himself a new effort: he drew in a really enormous breath, and went… The wooden house collapsed like a pack of cards.

Luckily, the wisest little pig had been watching the scene from the window of his own brick house, and he rapidly opened the door to his fleeing brothers. And not a moment too soon, for the wolf was already hammering furiously on the door, but this time the wolf had grave doubts. He blew once, he blew again and then for a third time. But all was in vain. The pigs were safe.

From that terrible day on, the wisest little pig’s brothers set to work with a will. In less than no time, up went the two new brick houses. Now safe and happy, they play the whole day.

Luwinga Secondary School – WfZ girls: 40 – with Florence Wells for Zoë

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