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Magret, Cristina & Ellen on their way to visit a preschool

My need to know what Everyone does!

A good thing about being here is that everyday there is something new. When I came here I wasn’t sure about how I could help. I imagined helping in the farm or with the preschools everyday. Once here from the first day we started meeting more and more new people and I saw my first purpose: were all of them employees or just volunteers? I could not find information about all of them on the website. As an accountant I wanted to know all the names and the story behind them; all had to be ‘in order’ and clear for everyone.

After I talked with about 15 people and wrote down details of their backgrounds I was happy and tired, I thought I already knew a bit of ‘everything’, their life and WfZ projects, but then on the way to a preschool Magret told me “If Angelina and Donna come late to the office is because they go to Rodgers” she tried to explain it but my face was like… whoops – apparently I am not as informed about the people as I thought I was as there seems to be quite a story behind “Rodgers”.

Today we had the pleasure to meet John and Mary and I was super happy that one of the 1000 things we talked about in these 45 minutes, was the story of Rodgers!!

Rodgers is a small Miracle!

He was found in a drain when he was just a little baby of 1-2 years old, alone with dogs. He was unable to walk and was crawling around – both physically and mentally challenged. They searched for his parents but unfortunately his mum had died giving birth and his dad was an alcoholic. They discovered that some neighbours were giving him food even though the father would not have approved – so that happened in secret.

It was obvious that Rodgers couldn’t live there… he was a kind of orphan (a single orphan as they say in Malawi), but with a father there was no place or organisation in the country which could accept him. Mary Coyne challenged the system and finally found an angel – Ethel – who looked after him 24/7, in a little house provided by another angel – Bertha. Now Angelina and Donna also take care of him two times per week, washing his clothes and sheets, and him, as he is disabled. They provide food and bring him to the hospital if it is necessary. In short… they are like a “mama”.

You will find more information here about this amazing story in different posts.

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