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1millionTrees Archives – Wells for Zoë
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Another Club

28th July 2018: Prominence was here today encouraging people to get on with and finalise the transplanting of pines. They have 5370 potted and have another 1000 to go. They will also add some Eucalyptus and Acacia which may bring their number to 10,000 A huge achievement and all...

2 Year old Pines

26th July 2018: This is part of a small forest of 5000 trees sown by Golden Chirwa and his two sons two years ago. Very few failures and well managed. This year he is the leader and an inspiration to over 30 groups setting 1 million trees...

Mphompha Forestry Project under WfZ

22nd July 2018: This is Golden Chirwa, one of the most amazing people I have ever met, examining the work of one of the groups he has set up with the ail of planting an enormous Forest. These seedlings belong to one of the more than 30...