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Function in Mphompha with TA & MBC

Trip to Mphompha, Rumphi

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to go on the trip with John, Rose, Harisen and Adamson to Mphompha in Rumphi district, to attend a function for the celebration of the Wells for Zoë #1millionTrees project in the area. Malawian radio and television company MBC

Enyezini Students

Enyezeni School Visit

This week I arranged a visit to Enyezini CDSS to see how the #1millionTrees planting was going, take some videos and pictures of the students and meet Janet, the Guatemalan Peace Corps volunteer teacher working there who initially paid for the seedlings from her own

Christmas image 2018 – Brenda and Hannah at Lusangazi farm

Christmas letter 2018

What’s another year? Christmas 2018 This year we had a few big anniversaries: on 17th August we were married 50 years and on 18th August we were 55 years together. Just now we are beginning our 14th year in Malawi. 14 years on, we have brought Clean, Safe,

Lusangazi farm pine tree seedlings

1 million Trees

1 Million trees. In 365 days. That is the goal of the organisation Wells for Zoë. There could be many reasons for doing so. Global warming. Changing the micro-climate. Reducing erosion. All are good reasons. But the main reason is pension funds. A tree that has been growing

WfZ trees at Bishop's

First Monday – Bishop’s

After relaxing the whole weekend, we experienced a Monday full of new sensations. Our plan was to shoot some aerial photos from all lands where Wells for Zoë is active and report everything we do during our stay in Malawi. First we visited the land of

Pine tree seedlings

14th October 2018: This is part of our 150,000 pine tree seedlings on the farm for planting out in the January rainy season. Part of our #1millionTrees target. Part of our Climate Change strategy.

Fruit tree seedlings

12th October 2018: This is our area for storing fruit tree seedlings after they have been budded or grafted in our greenhouses. When they have "taken" they are moved to this shaded storage area, awaiting planting-out from January in the rainy season. This shed is a little

Mphompha Forestry Project under WfZ

from Harisen (31st August 2018) We went to Mphompha, with Adamson and Prominence, where we visited 11 groups and they are the most inspired group of people I have ever met. We began our journey at 5 am to get as much done as possible.

Six month old trees

19th August 2018. As a trial this time last year we decided to plant some trees. So, having no secure land, we got permission and decided to plant on the lands at the house of our long time friend and former Professor of Mathematics in Mzuzu University,

Apple Blossoms

18th August 2018: These are apples grafted last year and will produce some apples at the end of the year here at the Centre for Learning. It is our intention that all our girls will learn all about apple growing, which will be most beneficial to them

100,000 Pines

1st August 2018: We have employed some women who have become experts at filling the potting tubes. This woman can fill over 800 tubes each day. The 100,000 pine seedlings when planted will cover 40 Hectares.

Another Club

28th July 2018: Prominence was here today encouraging people to get on with and finalise the transplanting of pines. They have 5370 potted and have another 1000 to go. They will also add some Eucalyptus and Acacia which may bring their number to 10,000 A huge achievement and all

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