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Harisen & Lovemore with dji drones outside WfZ offices

Drones, Panoramas, Mapping

We are really excited that our partner One Tree Planted has sponsored us a DJI Mavic Mini2 drone to document the work on the ground.

Kaswiti Village Head

ÉC Visit to Malawi Jan 2022

Just a little note to start a series of posts about my visit to Malawi in Jan 2022 and the exciting work I witnessed while there. I arrived in Mzuzu on 7th and left on 22nd and it was pretty hectic in between.

Happy people

Today seed distribution has occurred at Ehleheni, Traditional Authority Mzikuwola, in Mzimba district. 50,000 seeds and tubes have been distributed to two clubs comprising 20 members each.

Helping the poorest to help themselves

Since we focused on planting indigenous trees this year the really serious work has been to find seeds suitable for growing the wide range of Climate, Altitude and Soil conditions we encounter over a large area from Central to Northern Malawi.

Forestry Report from Jolozi

Today we went to distribute seeds and monitor nurseries at Jolozi. This place is very far from Mphompha. It took us two hours on a motorbike from Mphompha to arrive to this area.

Disaster: A puncture halts progress

Today we continued with nursery monitoring. After a flat tyre wiped out our day we very luckily linked up with people for indigenous seeds collection.  They have collected 50kg of Mbula and same of Mng'ona.

Misuku indigenous forest report

We travelled to Misuku on Monday 17th August, 2020 in the company of Harisen. Some seeds like Msangu that we gave them at first place have just started germinating.

Misuku forestry report

Today we continued with nursery monitoring and comparing the number of tubes and seeds received versus with what has been sown on the nursery beds. 12 club nurseries have been monitored from different villages.


Today we have distributed 47,000 seeds and tubes. The areas are Chiwelera and Kasela, TA Kawomba and Njombwa respectively. 

Youth Groups

We visited and distributed seeds at Mphomwa area where interestingly the clubs are composed of youths. 16,000 seeds and tubes have been distributed. Each club has received 4,000 seeds.

Forestry Meeting

9th May 2020: Today's forest Report. (from Lovemore) We went to Nkhatabay today and Kavuzi is the area. We were welcomed by four chiefs including the sub TA (in the red hats). 9 farmers clubs have been formed, each with a chairperson, and phone numbers have been collected. The chiefs

Forestry Meeting

7th May 2010: From Lovemore Today we met chiefs and farmers of Choma in the area of GVH VUKU SINGINI. We founded people were already seated and we were warmly welcomed. For them forestry is a new thing we talked the importance of planting trees with our message

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