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WfZ trees at Bishop's

First Monday – Bishop’s

After relaxing the whole weekend, we experienced a Monday full of new sensations. Our plan was to shoot some aerial photos from all lands where Wells for Zoë is active and report everything we do during our stay in Malawi. First we visited the land of

Six month old trees

19th August 2018. As a trial this time last year we decided to plant some trees. So, having no secure land, we got permission and decided to plant on the lands at the house of our long time friend and former Professor of Mathematics in Mzuzu University,

Another area for Tree Planting: #1millionTrees

15th July 2018: This message came from Br Happy Patrick, a Jesuit Brother working with Mzuzu Diocese:     The Mzuzu Diocese is about a quarter the size of Ireland and has over 1000 churches and the same number of schools with about 700,000 parishioners. When we get the process

New Dam

23rd June 2018: When the president announced that he was going to acquire our lands in Lusangazi for an Airport, the Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese, John Ryan came to our assistance immediately and offered us a place to plant our fruit trees. This year to date we

Potting seeds

14th May 2018: Another stage of the tree planting process is transferring the tiny seedlings to tubes. These ladies are learning the procedure in the lands of the Bishop's residence. Our horticultural operation in Lusangazi is in imminent danger of being wiped out by a Presidential order. He has

Forest Hut

21st March 2018: This is a new home for part of our Tree and Forestry operation. Because our own land is being acquired by the President for a new Airport, our friend, Bishop John Ryan, has offered us some of his lands to work on. This relationship will

Bishop’s Pump

16th March 2018: Rose Reported:     The picture shows Br Happy Patrick Mzumara, (a Jesuit Brother who works with the Bishop, who has invited us and given us lands where we have now sown thousands of trees, and fruit trees in expectation of losing our lands in Lusangazi

Forestry with Bishop John Ryan

22nd January 2018: This is the beginning of our partnership with the Catholic Bishop Of Mzuzu, John Ryan, a fellow Irishman with the intention of planting 2 million trees throughout his Diocese (which extends to about a quarter the size of the island of Ireland) by