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Fruit tree seedlings

12th October 2018:

This is our area for storing fruit tree seedlings after they have been budded or grafted in our greenhouses.

When they have “taken” they are moved to this shaded storage area, awaiting planting-out from January in the rainy season. This shed is a little different in that the boundary to protect them from the wind is living Dahlia, with the stems and leaves providing the surrounds. Some we have managed to bend over the top.

When the targeted 43,500 are ready in the greenhouse the potting tubes are marked with a distinctive spot or spots of different coloured paints.

Some we will distribute to incentivise the planting of our #1millionTrees. Some we will sow for fruit. Some we will give our girls in our new Horticulture and Enterprise classes to begin their own little enterprises.

These plants are seven varieties of Mango. We also have 9 varieties of Citrus, Peaches, Red and White Guava, Passion fruit, Apples, Brazil nuts, even a few grapes and more I can’t recall.

Everything done by our 14 Malawian employees.

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