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Aerial Lusangazi closer

First Monday – Lusangazi Farm

At first Wells for Zoë was just involved in pumps and water for life, but as time went by new projects began. For example, they discovered that they couldn’t buy open pollinated seeds in Mzuzu or even in the Capital Lilongwe, so they started developing

Lusangazi Farm

5th November 2018: This is our main farm in Lusangazi about 11 km from our Centre in Mzuzu City. We bought it in 2007 when we discovered that you couldn't buy an open pollinated seed in Mzuzu. We even drove the 1000 km round trip to

Peaches on the farm

29th October 2018: I think these are the first peaches on the farm. Just grafted and out of the greenhouse. Fruiting already! Can't wait for a taste. Two of the 37,800 fruit tree seedlings produced this year. Well done team!

Irish Apples

15th October 2018: They told me that apples don't grow in Malawi, where apples are imported from South Africa and Zambia and are very expensive. Undaunted we got some rootstock and scions from Irish Seed Savers in Scariff Co Clare, and with their European Passports, took them

Pine tree seedlings

14th October 2018: This is part of our 150,000 pine tree seedlings on the farm for planting out in the January rainy season. Part of our #1millionTrees target. Part of our Climate Change strategy.

Fruit tree seedlings

12th October 2018: This is our area for storing fruit tree seedlings after they have been budded or grafted in our greenhouses. When they have "taken" they are moved to this shaded storage area, awaiting planting-out from January in the rainy season. This shed is a little

Veggies and bananas

9th October 2018: We grow our own vegetables on the farm to feed our staff and the girls in the Girl Child Student project. We also use this organic system to do research and training.

Fruit Tree production

24th August 2018; This is one of our greenhouses on the farm where we put mango and other plants while they grow until they can be grafted or budded. We expect to hit a target of 50,000 this year. They grow about 100 varieties of plant there. 16 Malawian


6th August 2018: Weevils can destroy up to a quarter of stored Maize grain if not treated. The regular treatment in Malawi is a noxious chemical. Our solution is to use the ground-up leaves of local nitrogen fixing plant called Tephrosia. The dried leaves are are ground to a


5th August 2018: Occasionally there are little treats and celebrations. This was a target achieved on the farm, 55,650 pine trees potted. The target was 50,000. These two live on the Lusangazi farm and The real treat is Yellow Buns and Coke, and why not? (my favourite as well) No

Grafted Mango

25th July 2018: Part of what we do on the farm is the production of improved variety fruit trees. These are Mango. The seeds (about 20,000) of native mango were collected and planted-out at the end of last year. Later they were potted and put into the


June 27th 2018: On the farm in Lusangazi we have about 100 varieties of trees and plants. This is Blayers managing the strawberries in this case, but it could be 6 varieties of tomato, pineapples, peaches, mango, papaya, cabbages