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Fruit tree seedlings

12th October 2018: This is our area for storing fruit tree seedlings after they have been budded or grafted in our greenhouses. When they have "taken" they are moved to this shaded storage area, awaiting planting-out from January in the rainy season. This shed is a little

Fruit Tree production

24th August 2018; This is one of our greenhouses on the farm where we put mango and other plants while they grow until they can be grafted or budded. We expect to hit a target of 50,000 this year. They grow about 100 varieties of plant there. 16 Malawian

Grafted Mango

25th July 2018: Part of what we do on the farm is the production of improved variety fruit trees. These are Mango. The seeds (about 20,000) of native mango were collected and planted-out at the end of last year. Later they were potted and put into the


17th February 2018: They said it couldn't be done: The experts, that is, told us that apples don't grow in Mzuzu, where our farm is located in Malawi So I went to our long time friends at Irish Seed Savers in Scariff, Co Clare. They gave me

Forestry Project Beginnings

7th January 2018: This is Laston at the back with his forestry team. Their task in the next to months is to plant three hectares of pine trees and about two hectares of Eucalyptus. We have already grown the seedlings which are ready for planting. Here we have been


22nd December 2017: In our twelve years farming in Lusangazi, we have expanded our horizons considerably. Besides organic/sustainable/agro-forestry, we have a big focus on producing improved varieties of fruit trees. We now have nine varieties of Mango, which extend the season in which mango is available to eat.

Mango Seeds

21st December 2017: We produce about 15,000 mango seedlings each year, by grafting (now) eight new varieties from all over the world on to rootstock grown from the local variety. First step is to collect seeds when people have eaten the fruit and we do a deal

Grafting Mango

6th August 2017: Here Laston, head of our propagation division, speaks to a group of girls about grafting mango. I'm sure they all had a chance with cutting their fingers off!! Going home with an improved variety mango is a big plus for the day.

Air Layering

5th July 2017. This is Adamson, the farm leader showing me how he is using a technique called air layering to produce new apple rootstock. Last year we bought our rootstock so they are using many systems to produce our own. We have about 8000 apple seedlings at

Training on the Farm

17th May  2017: Adamson, Head of the Farm writes: Hi Boss, I am glad to inform you that we had a wonderful experience last week. We had two visitors namely Aurther Sharwa and Robert Mkandwire, son of the senior GVH who has a huge interest in producing fruit trees

Managing Orchards

28th March 2017: Here in Malawi I have found it difficult at times to get employees to accept responsibility, stick to their task, take an interest and succeed. On this visit I have selected these two ladies, Brenda and Irene to take on the task of managing

Grafted Mango

21st November 2016: This is one of our four Greenhouses. Here Mango rootstock has had an improved variety mango Tomy Atkins grafted on to its main stem. This means that the new fruit will be very large and sweet. The new scion is spliced on to the existing