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20th December 2017:

Today Rose decided that all teams should come together for a little party, so they did. They had a little food and soft drinks and danced a little.  The builders and Forestry teams appear to be missing, but maybe they were just too busy.

Rose reports:

Boss, on behalf of the staff both Farm and Factory, I am here to give thanks for all the Good things you have done yourself and Go-go Mary. Since we joined Wells for Zoë we really appreciate. And this year has been very great to us all we have learn a lot of things that we can be the leaders and we can stand on our own and do something great as we have done this year and we will continue next year. May the Almighty God bless all of you abundantly.

Boss, as staff here we thought it wise that this is the end of the year so we discussed and come up with one thing that if one day we can be together its only the way we can know each other, so we did yesterday after work then our friends came from Farm to join us here, it was very nice and interesting and people were very happy you will see the pictures though they are not good enough it was late in the afternoon but we tried our best though. I was up and down to the Bank but still more I managed to be with my friends.

And today we are closing our offices. Thanks for the gifts you have given us we don’t take it for granted but to give a very big thanks. We wish you all the best on cerebrating the Christmas until we meet again next year.

God Bless you.


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