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Ruth working at farm

13th May 2018:

The last time we were leaving Malawi we stopped on our journey on the main road beside the farm.

I was meeting Adamson, the leader on the farm.

Then suddenly, into the conversation like a bolt of lightening, burst Ruth pleading for a job. She looked pregnant, starving and desperate, AND was all of them.

I said ‘yes’ and told Adamson it would be fine and it is.

On her back in the picture is her eighth child.

She lives close to the farm, is a great worker and still supports eight children and unfortunately (I am reliably informed) has a useless husband.

When women in Malawi work they carry their babies, but I am sure all the women take turns.

It could be said it’s is a hard life without rights of any nature or it’s a cruel world with all kinds of rights, but not for all, including Ruth.

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