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17th February 2018:

They said it couldn’t be done: The experts, that is, told us that apples don’t grow in Mzuzu, where our farm is located in Malawi

So I went to our long time friends at Irish Seed Savers in Scariff, Co Clare. They gave me rootstock and Scions with a European passport and of course they grew.

Two years ago we located an expert on Apples as his father before him. He is Adamson, and I think we might have about 8000 apple trees and seedlings.

These are one of our sweet varieties and they have actually grown on our farm in Lusangazi, naturally. So much for experts!

We are using these as an incentive to encourage people to grow Forestry and firewood trees which have become a rare commodity.

Of course we want them to grow apples as well. They are the most expensive fruit in Mzuzu.

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