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22nd February 2018:

This is Head of the Girl Child project Florence, holding a new net for Volleyball and a ball.

Here follows three recent reports from her.


Hi Boss,

Report on fees payment.

I have deposited School fees for 258 Students while 13 of them I paid cash so for this term we have finished.

The Schools are appreciating everything you are doing for their Students and they also said Wells for Zoe are amazing because they are only the one having so many Children to assist fees yet you are paying fees on time that makes the teachers so surprised and shake their heads, because no one else is helping. They also say that : MAY GOD BLESS YOU ,YOUR TEAM and YOUR FAMILY.



The report from Saturday Feb 10, 2018 followed:


Hi Boss ,

With hope that you are doing fine.
The classes go fine and we had 236 Students with all Teachers ,everything ends well .

Through discussions with Beata our Conucellor, we observed that one girl who came from xxxx which is very far from School is in trouble of walking and home life ( she lives with step mother while her mother died long time ago).  So I called her father to come to our office to discuss and see way forward and how we might help.

The girl is having home life problem from her father so we agreed with the child that on Monday we are going to Police Unity (a UK funded division of policing) who is dealing with Child abuse.

All these I will update you next week.




Today I get this amazing update, showing, how our organisation is run by hugely capable and competent, Malawian, men and women.


Hi Boss,

I was in Social Welfare with the big Boss to be explain the issue of the girl who is having problem of home life so the He said that on Tuesday I should go with him to visit her home so that I can handover the issue to him, and they will deal with it.

The other thing was, that he is very much appreciates all we are doing in the area of assisting girls so he asked me if it can be possible that he wants me to be trained how to look after girls and handle the issues I fin that I have to deal with (Child protection training).
This training is for 5 days and we will not pay anything but they will provide food for me.
We have been looking for a Volleyball net for a long time but since the Social Work (dealing with sports) promised us that they will assist us and indeed to day she called me to collect them and I did that.
You can take a look of Volleyball net and one ball for our girls.



It’s no thanks to us but we recently supported Florence in her Secondary Education (as we do with many of our staff) and the response and reaction is phenomenal.  Two years on Florence can do anything: emails, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Databases and best of all she has the ability to relate to people in villages and equally well to anyone in Ministry or Government.

We are so proud of her as we are all our other employees who achieve so much every day for their own people.

All this without a white face in sight!

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