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All in a days work

4th December 2017:

Each day now our teams go in different directions, assisting each other to get as much work in as possible.

Here in the picture Miriam (Preschools) and Prominence (Forestry) wait to head off on a joint venture with the pump guys delivering cement and spiders for new pumps.

Florence (Head of the girl child project) was working with Social Welfare, the police and the justice system to solve the issue of the abduction of two girls in an area we work in.


from Florence:



Venue: Mzuzu Police

The judge, 2 Social workers, 2 child protection committee from Bala, 2 boys from Bala, and myself.
The two men who brought  the boys assisted by the Police officers from the same side but a bit further from where the case is. They reported that the girls left their homes and disappeared for two days.
The police are keeping the boys until the girls arrive and collect them to police then the judgement will be done for the boys only while for the girls they will just teach them the goodness of being educated and convince them so that they can go back to School.
The first boy is 25 years old and want to marry a girl of 15 years old (std 7) while the second boy is 23 years old wants to marry a girl of 15 years old (std 5).


The man who was looking for our Zoë pump, he is very appreciating on what you are doing in Malawi in all departments. He was so much touched on our girls project and say that beside all good things we are doing to them we can also give them free time to do some of activities like sports, chatting as a group to share ideas and giving them exercise books one for each to write their background stories, challenges they face and their worries privately then we will keep it and having time to read then we will see who is indeed having problem and how to assist her. What he was meaning is to establish a CHILDREN CORNER, and he proceed on his speech that he will give me a Social worker to visit us on Saturdays and teach us how to do it with our girls, share us schedules then train us to have more knowledge and he will also give us resources like Balls and etc.
Last time we gave him 3 seedlings for free and now he bought more than 50 fruit trees from our farm and he is also looking for 4 irrigation pumps to exchange with 4 bags of maize today.


As I was in police with a social worker for that case of forced marriage, I sent Prominence, Kevin and Laura to assist me on the programme of distributing underwear and bras including taking pictures for each girl for Éamonn. You will hear more from Prominence and Pictures from Rose.

They distributed 1 bra and 1 underwear but the best five of girls got 2 underwears and they are very happy because to them its a new thing without expectation to receive a gift like that.

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