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10th September 2018: This is Miriam, our head of Preschool education and official trainer for Carers and Committees who run preschools in our extended area sometimes up to 200 km from our base in Mzuzu. This one is close to home in Salisbury Line, where the carers

Police Victim Support Unit

12 August 2018: In recent times, Florence, head of our Girl Child Project has worked with the victim support unit on one case of adduction of two girls and in another where a girl had a forced early marriage. Both cased were successfully dealt with and the

Off to University for Lusungu

11th August 2018: This is Lusungu before she headed off to University: Her own story so far:   Her results include an A in English. What a woman. We are sorry to see her leaving our staff, but delighted for her. Just another reason to be thankful to our Donors

Sanitary Pads

7th August 2018: Most times I'm tough as nails because when dealing with Malawi one has to be. But when it comes to our women and girls, the tears can flow. When I realised that many of the 262 girls we support in Secondary school had no knickers,

Visit to the Farm

8th August 2018: As part of our Summer Camp activities we have decided to expand past the Academic, so today one group of girls went to the farm in Lusangazi to look at our Climate Smart Horticulture, Fruit tree production and growing a range of local

Preschool Training

19th July 2018: From Miriam:     There are eight preschools, some started over 10 years, but they never had training of any kind, so it is a great honor to be asked to do this work and to be able to assist these most enthusiastic villagers. It is a

Training in Preschools

18th July 2018: After years assisting rural communities to set up and run pre-schools, the Ministry have finally come around to our way of thinking and invited Miriam and Margaret to do our training course for carers and management committees in eight schools, in Bala about

Another Preschool on the move

10th July 2018: With the number now at seventy two the need for preschools just continues to grow. Even the poorest realise that education is a possible route out of the dire poverty they endure. Formal education by the state begins at six, and now even the

All 42 Girls finish Secondary School

16th June 2018: Last week the head of our Girl Child Project Florence asked me what I thought of having a celebration for 42 of our girls who were now departing to do their final Secondary School exam. She advised that she would not spend a lot


12th June 2018: Very early in our life in Malawi we discovered that clean water was the first need in every village. But strangely (maybe for us) preschools was always second on the list rural Malawian people value, as my parents did in Roscommon all these years

Netball, after a fashion

2nd June 2018: You will know that we support 260 Girls in Secondary School. We send transport to bring as many as we can in to Saturday Classes on their Curriculum. Some come from up to thirty kilometres away and even before we pick them some may


22nd May 2018: This is Lusungu, one of our Girl Child Students who completed her MSCE last year and qualified for the prestigious University, Chancery College. But sadly as an orphan with no one in the world, she doesn't have fees. We have employed her since her