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Sanitary Pads

7th August 2018:

Most times I’m tough as nails because when dealing with Malawi one has to be.

But when it comes to our women and girls, the tears can flow.

When I realised that many of the 262 girls we support in Secondary school had no knickers, my heart was broken and we brought thousands of pairs which came from Ireland with support from all over the World.

Then I found that most of our girls missed many days each month from school because of periods. Now, the thought of the barbaric cultures all over the World, not alone in Malawi, has not alone made me cry but has made me mad.

And maybe you could get mad as well and support us?

Driven by a young MALE volunteer from Cork, in Ireland, be began making washable, re-useable pads last summer, and now things are so much better for our girls at least.

Here are some girls, at Summer Camp, learning how to make and sew their own. Another really positive result is that fathers and grandfathers have got involved as well, which is so exciting and rewarding.

The cost of materials is still prohibitive in villages, but we will continue to do our best with our limited resources.

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